A customizable, intuitive
desktop environment for Windows.

The Cairo public alpha is now live. Head to the download page for goodies.

Browse folders right from your desktop.

Cairo puts the power in your hands. By allowing you to access music, pictures, PDFs and more directly from the desktop, you no longer need a separate file browser to open files. Taking the concept further, you no longer need a separate application to browse folders. Cairo allows users to browse or access directories with the Dynamic Desktop. Following the same principles as the Cairo Menu Bar, users are put in control of accessing files in ways never done before.

The handy pop-up navigation makes it easy to move forward or backward and completely transforms your desktop into a more friendly, convenient space.

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One desktop. Infinite possibilities.

Did you ever run out of room on your desktop and need more space? Considering another monitor can be expensive, there must be a better way! With the Cairo Multi-Desktop, you can add up to 16 virtual desktop areas to spread your work - or play - around without becoming cluttered or unorganized. Easily switch between desktops with mouse gestures or keyboard shortcuts. Cairo also allows you to name desktops for easy window management and organization.

Group applications together and create a workflow. With the Cairo Multi-Desktop, it has never been easier to manage and organize open applications.

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A better way to task manage.

The Cairo taskbar employs proven functionality mixed with a handful of new tricks. With an autosizing width, it preserves desktop area for your wallpaper and applications. Handy program grouping makes it easy to switch between tasks and window previews make it easier to find the right application. The list button shows you open windows in an easy to understand layout and can be organized by desktop.

That's right - the multi-desktop feature is handily accessible in a small, compact list that can be sorted and managed without interruption. With Cairo, every feature is integrated to provide a great user experience.

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Quick and painless computer access.

Tired of navigating to the Control Panel for simple computer changes? Wish you could grab files without interrupting your work? With the Cairo menu bar, it has never been easier. With drag and drop support, you can create instant access to frequently used folders. Simply drag them onto the menu bar and create explorable quick links. Click a folder name to reveal contained files. Have an application open? You can still click your menu bar folders for access.

With one click, a simple drawer will slide out over the window to reveal your files. Easily resize the thumbnail previews by making the drawer larger and smaller. One click access never felt so good.

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Customizable and powerful. A great combination.

Cairo was built for power, reliability, and speed. With built-in options for interface customization, plugin enhancements, and user preferences, the user now has the power, in more ways than one. Add features with plugins and pick and choose applications you want to see in your taskbar and programs menu with ease.

Have a great customization? Head over to the community forums and share your handy work. Whether you're 5 or 50, Cairo has the right options for you and your goals.

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